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Western Healthcare FCU

The Project

Western Healthcare FCU (WHFCU) is based in Martinez, CA. It was organized in 1953 by an employee of Pittsburg Hospital in Pittsburg, CA who felt that all hospital employees and their families should have access to a credit union.

After working closely with the credit union's executive management and hosting a highly informative discovery session, AGP's dev team worked to create a streamlined, intuitive website architecture that makes it easy for WHFCU's members to explore the site and move through the user journey.


WHFCU Website Graphics Resized for Platforms


The Design

As a healthcare credit union, one of the primary goals of this site was to build it for busy professionals who work non-traditional work schedules. Designed for nurses, doctors, support staff and their families—this site had to be painfully easy to use and mobile friendly. Instead of having a traditional navigation bar, we consolidated the navigation into the now-famous "hamburger menu style" for quick browsing. And instead of bulky buttons for promotional zones, we used a mixture of buttons, quicklink icons and hide/reveal elements to quicken the user experience. Our team spent several sessions with the client organizing the content for maximum space and "common sense" flow—there are several content zones from top to bottom on the home and inside pages which allow a readers eyes to read the site quickly and easily.

The Tech

AGP uses the award-winning open-source Joomla to power a number of its websites. The Joomla  content management system (CMS) allows for highly customized, but flexible page layouts that can be further tailored to effectively represent the uniqueness of each credit union website. With a user-friendly dashboard, a combination of premium plugins and built-in widgets, it’s easy for site admins to make regular and routine updates.

WHFCU's website has a number of "bleeding edge" tech built into the templates. The menu icon reveals a slide-out tray for quick navigation, which is consistent on desktop or mobile devices. The quicklinks are icon-based and contain drop-downs for easy clicking. There' s handy "product explorer" which hides/reveals another row of quicklinks as well.

The Experience

With a modern navigation, mobile first responsive design and an eye-pleasing arrangement of educational and promotional materials, this new site has been winning fans since its launch. With the redesign came the forward positioning of beneficial third-party services such as auto buying services. The embedded ATM Finder is also a huge time-saver for members as well.

With a functional, intuitive, engaging, ADA conformant and responsive user experience, WHFCU's new website unquestionably supports its mission of protecting your assets and living our beliefs by offering you excellent member service and helpful financial services to improve your life.


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