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Email Marketing

Announcing AGP Mail. A better way to eblast.

Want to email your prospects quickly and efficiently? Need to send branded messages that look professional and are email-friendly? Tired of getting frustrated by trying to figure out how to customize what should be a "straightforward" template-based solution?

We feel your pain. We hear lots of stories, both positive and negative, about email marketing, but there is always one comment we hear regardless of the overall outcome. To paraphrase, it goes something like this: ‘We’re tired of templates!’

Email broadcasting companies do an amazing job of email campaign distribution. They even have a suite full of “helpful” templates for the novice user to help them speed up their email communication campaign. But what most users realize, oftentimes after they’ve spent hours editing these templates, is that despite their “ease of use,” they just don’t beat custom emails.

Enter AGPMail.

We’ve built a system that allows you to use artwork that is customized to YOUR brand which is also easily editable using a CMS solution. The process is exceedingly user-friendly. Check it out:

  1. We design your email artwork, whether it’s a newsletter, eblast, single-product offering or announcement
  2. We convert your artwork into an HTML file
  3. We load your HTML file into an online content management system (CMS) or install it in your choice of email broadcast companites
  4. We train you how to perform simple edits that gets your message out the door quickly

It’s that easy! Within minutes, you’ll have a fully customized HTML email that is ready for distribution using your email broadcaster of choice.

Call us today toll-free for a FREE demo on this amazing product!