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Digital Marketing Campaign Portfolio

  • CSLAFCU Auto Loan Campaign
  • Mid Cities Membership Campaign
  • Nikkei Visa Campaign
  • SWS Auto Loan Campaign

You name it—we've designed it

AGP has been designing and creating in the FI space for over 20 years. We've worked with big and small FIs alike and we'd be hard pressed to think of anything we haven't built. The best thing about this is you have access to several decades worth of intelligent design, a great asset to have when you're building towards tomorrow's success. 

We've been very blessed to partner with many different FIs across the country—either on a project or retainer basis—and have seen those  relationships thrive. One of the things we do when we first start working with a retainer client, for example, is to discover all the touchpoints with which an FI connects to their target audience. It may be via traditional print pieces or inside a branch or remotely through online banking or a mobile app.

Regardless of the touchpoint, you need an agency that speaks your language and can design an effective marketing that meets your prospect where they're at. Accept no substitutions for that level of expertise.

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