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Logo & Identity Spotlight: SWSFCU

The Project

In order to break out of a decades-old brand, Shell Western States FCU employed us to inject some vibrancy into their logo and identity. The design challenge was obvious—how to we expand past three letters "SWS" and show members and prospective members about the brand's history and legacy in Martinez, CA.

The Solution

By sticking with one clear decison—use the full name of the credit name—we immediately started turning heads. By using brighter color palette and having two main design layouts (circular and horizaontal) we were able to gain the credit union much more brand recognition online and in their local community.


Logo & Identity Spotlight: UCSCU Rewards

The Project

UCSCU has one of the best Platinum Visa credit cards APR's around, so what better way to further reward their members than by creating a rewards program to make their card experience even beter. As a a full-service financial institution that has been serving the entertainment community since 1927, UCSCU has deep ties in their area. They wanted a logo that would reflect their roots and make the rewards program a fun and exciting new benefit for their members. 

The Solution

Our designers created several versions of the logo utilizing traditional Hollywood-style iconogaphy. The final logo features a red carpet-style flourish that pays homage to "tinseltown," classic Hollywood glamor and festive movie premieres. The resulting effort was a well-received enhancement of their current brand which gives the credit union a chance to "roll out the red carpet" for their members with this beneficial program.


Card Portfolio

Touchless payments and using your phone as  your wallet are truly amazing, but there's nothing that quite beats pulling a good-looking debit or credit card out of your wallet. And if it's got a few scuffs on it, all the more better. A well-worn card is a badge of honor—it means your a loyal member who understands the value of the card and the FI behind it.

Of course these days there's plenty of production techniques that help reduce the amount of wear and tear these cards go through—but not just any designer could tell you that.

You see, when it comes to card designs, AGP doesn't just produce amazing-looking cards, we have a combined 30+ years of production knowledge that helps you avoid costly mistakes.  

Expert Consultants + Project Managers

  • Thorough knowledge of card printing, proofing and production techniques
  • Work directly with card production houses
  • Design custom card carriers
  • Write instructional verbiage for reissues or onboarding
  • Serve as liaison with card printers, mailhouses and other third parties
  • Specialty cards such as metal or vertical designs


Digital Marketing Campaign Portfolio

You name it—we've designed it

AGP has been designing and creating in the FI space for over 20 years. We've worked with big and small FIs alike and we'd be hard pressed to think of anything we haven't built. The best thing about this is you have access to several decades worth of intelligent design, a great asset to have when you're building towards tomorrow's success. 

We've been very blessed to partner with many different FIs across the country—either on a project or retainer basis—and have seen those  relationships thrive. One of the things we do when we first start working with a retainer client, for example, is to discover all the touchpoints with which an FI connects to their target audience. It may be via traditional print pieces or inside a branch or remotely through online banking or a mobile app.

Regardless of the touchpoint, you need an agency that speaks your language and can design an effective marketing that meets your prospect where they're at. Accept no substitutions for that level of expertise.

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Video Portfolio

If a picture is worth a thousand words, how many words worth are in a video? 

No need to do the math on that—it's a lot. At AGP, we believe in helping clients put their best foot forward, and these days its critical to grab attention, and integrating video into your marketing program is an excellent way to do it.

Most clients think video is too expensive. We've got great news for you—it's not. We've done video projects for big and small clients alike. With a keen eye for quality no matter the budget, our clients always end up winning. And getting noticed more. And increasing their social media engagement. get it.  

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